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ESMO Mission Control

The European Student Moon Orbiter is an education satellite project of the European Space Agency. ESMO is the fourth mission within ESA’s Education Satellite Programme and builds upon the experience gained with SSETI Express satellite and the YES2 tether/re-entry capsule experiment, in addition to the upcoming European Student Earth Orbiter micro-satellite. ESMO is planned to be the first European student mission to the Moon. ESMO represents a unique and inspirational opportunity for university students, providing them with valuable and challenging hands-on space project experience and providing Europe with a suitably qualified space workforce for undertaking future missions.

More information on the European Student Moon Orbiter can be found on the Education portal of the European Space Agency.

In addition to the ground station and LunaNet contributions, SSIMUC's tasks also relate to the Mission Control Room - the place where the ESMO satellite actually will be controlled from. In close collaboration with ESMO's operations team at the University of Tartu, Estonia, two control rooms (prime and redundant) will be set up.

The mission control room sub-project is at its very beginning - come back to this page from time to time for the latest progresses.

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