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10. February 2011: Oil change; antenna interface

After two additional days at Raisting, the oil change finally is completed. In parallel, the new design iteration of the antenna control interface was tested at Raisting. Most aspects of it worked just well, while others turned out to need some refinements.

24. January 2011: Power supply; oil change

Today, we replaced an unreliable power supply unit at Raisting with a new supply. Furthermore, the lubrication oil of the elevation gearboxes was drained to be replaced with new oil. The azimuth gearboxes will undergo the same procedure during the next days.

09. January 2011: Raisting project covered in major weekly newspaper

The project at the Raisting ground station was comprehensively covered in a major newspaper. The article can be read here.

30. September 2010: Radome

On september 29th, the old radome of the Raisting Antenna 1 was removed. A brand new one was inflated on september 30th. Time-lapse videos were shot to show you the event from multiple perspectives. They are available to download here:
Many thanks to Studentenwerk München for making available the cameras and to Ulrich Müller GmbH for the kind support in setting them up.
Am 29.9. wurde das alte Radom der Raistinger Antenne 1 entfernt; am 30.9. wurde ein neues Radom aufgeblasen. Wir haben Zeitrafferaufnahmen angefertigt, die das Ereignis aus mehreren Perspektiven zeigen. Die Filme können über die obigen Links heruntergeladen werden.
Besten Dank an die Ulrich Müller GmbH für die hilfreiche Unterstützung beim Aufbau der Kameras und an das Studentenwerk München für deren Bereitstellung.

23. June 2010: Antenna interface

To make the Raisting antenna accessible from the outside world, an interface board currently is under development. A first prototype for the angular resolver feedback now is ready for testing. Have a look at a photo.

02. June 2010: Protocol simulator

For our LunaNet experiment, a protocol simulator was set up. It can simulate the behaviour of a communication channel such as bit errors and delays. This simulator is intended to serve as framework to develop, implement and test the LunaNet communication protocols. Experts of the German Aerospace Center's Institute of Communications and Navigation were of great help in accomplishing this. A screenshot can be found here.

15. May 2010: Elevation axis

After some repairs, the elevation axis of the dish at Raisting is now working again up to the specified maximum angular rate of 1.5°/s.

7. May 2010: Additional coverage in the press

SSIMUC's activities were once again covered in the media. The articles are posted on the Media Coverage Page.

23. March 2010: Relocation of our server

Today we moved our server to its new location.

18. March 2010: Media Coverage

SSIMUC's project in Raisting recently was covered in the media. More details on our new sub-page.

16. March 2010: Elevation Axis

The elevation axis of the Raisting dish was temporarily out of operation. Now it's working again.

16. January 2010: Azimuth Axis

The azimuth axis of the Raisting dish was temporarily out of operation. Now it's working again.

1. January 2010: Happy New Year!

The new year will be most exciting, lots of things are waiting for us: The ESMO system requirements review and the renewal of the Raisting radome to name just two things. We do look forward to it!

19. November 2009: Spaceflight Operations Workshop

Delegates of SSIMUC participated at the Spaceflight Operations Workshop at ESOC in Darmstadt.

30. October 2009: Satellite Communication Laboratory

There now is the new Satellite Communication Laboratory course, accepted as regular Praktikum by the EI faculty. Through this course, it is possible to gain ECTS credits and to fulfill the Praktikum requirements by working in the framework of specific, self-contained sub-projects.

16. October 2009: ESMO Ground Station Maintenance

Today we started to actually work on the Raisting ground station in order to refurbish it and to prepare for ESMO. In particular, we concentrated on the huge technical documentation.

18. September 2009: Ground Station Mechanism

The mechanism (i.e. robotic arm) of the Phoenix ground station was modified to reduce weight and to prepare the attachment of the dish. Furthermore, it was re-wired to make it compatible with state-of-the-art servo amplifiers.

01. July 2009: Networking with a Microcontroller Workshop

As promised the files of the workshop are now stored on our server at the original is located at (and will be down soon).
If you don't have access to egroupware right now, contact us and we will setup an account for you.

25. June 2009: SSIMUC e.V.

SSIMUC is now officially recognized as "eingetragener Verein" (registered association).

17. June 2009: Relocation of our server

Today we moved our server to the new location at the LKN chair. Thus the Website is not fully functual right now. In a few hours everything will work fine again.

16. June 2009: SSIMUC Information Event

Today we held an information event to tell you about our work and awaken your interest.
Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, 24. June 2009. More details will follow.

13. May 2009: SSETI@TUM becomes SSIMUC!

Due to the foundation of a registered association ("eingetragener Verein") that is not affiliated with the SSETI initiative, we change our name. Our new name is Student Satellite Initiative Munich (SSIMUC).
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