Student Satellite Initiative Munich e.V. - SSIMUC

Satellite Communication Laboratory

In the framework of the SSIMUC projects, TUM students are invited to gain ECTS credits and to fulfill their Praktikum or Ingenieurpraxis/Forschungspraxis requirements. As a student of TUM, you can join the Satellite Communication Laboratory as part of the student's course of studies.

During the Satellite Communications Laboratory, the student will work on his/her own project - self-contained but integrated part of the SSIMUC tasks. Because of this, the student is expected to see himself/herself as active part of the SSIMUC team and to work in close collaboration with other team members.

The goals of the lab are:

  • To gain practical experience in the broader context of satellite communication,
  • To solve real-world engineering problems,
  • To learn about project management - specially in the context of the stringency of space projects,
  • To cooperate with international partners.

Comprehensive information on the SatComLab can be found on SatComLab's website at the Institute for Communications and Navigation.

Of course, SatComLab is not the only way to join SSIMUC. If you prefer, you are also most welcome just to come and participate.

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