Student Satellite Initiative Munich e.V. - SSIMUC

Our Team

SSIMUC means "Student Satellite Initiative Munich". We are a group of electrical engineering and space sciences students at the Technische Universität München feeling enthusiastic about hands-on work in spaceflight projects. Our team receives valuable support from our endorsing professors and from a number of partners outside the university.

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Currently, we contribute to an ESA-coordinated mission. Together with teams located at other universities throughout Europe, we make the ESEO satellite - almost entirely designed, built, and operated by students - come true. This demands challenging engineering as well as other aspects such as project management and fundraising.

An additional project, called "Phoenix", aims at a satellite ground station of the 3 m class set up at the campus of TUM in order to serve for experimental use and educational missions.

Of course, being involved in real space projects is an exciting experience that rarely comes by. Are you interested in joining us? You are most welcome - let's launch the dream!

SSIMUC is organised as "eingetragener Verein" (approximate translation: registered association), which everyone can join. There is no membership fee for students.

Ways to join SSIMUC

You are a student at TUM and would like to join us? Sure, you are most welcome!

  • There is the Satellite Communication Laboratory course, accepted as regular Praktikum by the EI faculty. Through this course, it is possible to gain ECTS credits and to fulfill your Praktikum requirements by working in the framework of SSIMUC's projects. Comprehensive information on the SatComLab can be found on SatComLab's website at the Institute for Communications and Navigation.
  • Of course, it is also perfectly possible to participate outside the SatComLab. Just come and join!
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